Why are real babies baptized so early?

Monarchy is the oldest form of government. And it is still the form of government in force in some countries. In this modality, the king/queen remains in office until death or even abdicates the condition, because the regime is hereditary.

Among the monarchies, several people have dreamed of becoming part of the British Royal Family . Royals exude power, elegance and a lifestyle to be envied by all. It ranks at the top of the most famous royal families in all countries. And it also has the most precious possessions, such as land, castles and even laws, which only apply to them.

People all over the world roll their eyes at them when something happens over there. Royal marriages, for example, or the birth of a new family member, always make everyone take an interest in them.


When a baby is born, it is customary for the parents to baptize the child. There is no “right” age to baptize a child. However, when the child is a real baby they need to be baptized very early. The reason for this is quite curious and is part of the various rules and protocols that royals have to follow.

The English royal family still lives the old traditions and must follow customs and some rules that we would never imagine. Believe it or not, they can’t enjoy all the privileges in the world or go out and do what they want.

Just as we have our rules to follow, so do they. And perhaps they should follow more rigidly than ‘ordinary’ people. Even because, the position of power they occupy is accompanied by great responsibilities full of rules and protocols that govern various aspects of their lives.


Real babies are usually baptized very early, before they are even three months old. They are baptized so early because of the famous traditional outfit they must wear to the ceremony.

All babies in the royal family are christened wearing the same Honiton lace dress. It is an exact replica of the play that Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter was named in 1841.

Since 1841, 62 royal babies have worn the dress, including the then Princess Elizabeth II. The future queen wore the dress at her baptism in May 1926.


It was Queen Elizabeth II herself who, in 2004, commissioned a replica of the play. She did this after considering that the original dress would be too fragile to continue to be worn by all her successors. For the replica of the dress to be ready it took nine months of work.

Precisely because it is a replica of the original dress, its size is very small. That’s why real baptisms are done very quickly after the babies are born so that they don’t get too big and don’t fit in the dress.

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