The St. Dunstan’s Experiment

Matt Price (ed.), The St. Dunstan’s Experiment, BEAST and Fused Magazine, UK, 2002

Contributors: L’Augmentation, Iain Armstrong, Peter Batchelor, BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre), Thomas Cahill-Jones, James Bentley, Harvey Dent / Micronormous / Nova X, Dreams of Tall Buildings, File (Ben Sadler, Phil Duckworth, Matt Golden), Helena Gough, Grandmaster Gareth, Misty’s Big Adventure, Mike in Mono (Plone), The Modified Toy Orchestra, OHNe/Projects/, Pram, Revox, Antti Saario, David Shepherd, Span, St. Dunstan’s Church archives, Tele:funken, Universal Psychic Encounters, Richard Whitelaw, The Young Baron (Matt Price and Richard Whitelaw), And others…

Photograph: Three Letter Words. Courtesy and © the artists, writers and publishers. PABD Archive 2004-14: 002