The Coelacanth Press


Phoebe Blatton (ed.), The Coelacanth Journal: No. 9 ‘Inbetweenies’, The Coelacanth Press London, June 2014, Issue no: 9, ISSN: 1759-7455

‘Inbetweenies’ is the ninth issue of the zine that has been circulating since 2008 as a regular publication from The Coelacanth Press. The theme proposes a general inquiry into states of inbetweenness, whether sexual, geographical, material, mental or anything in-between.

This issue sticks to the simple format of the zine – A5, 30–40 pages, b&w, and as usual it includes an esoteric mix of critical and fiction writing, art, and a specially commissioned centrefold; in this issue made by the artist Alice Theobald. Another feature of The Coelacanth Journal is that it includes ‘a coelacanth’ – a figure from the past, or an older contributor, whose work might have slipped from the public eye, or simply correspond with the selected younger company. The writer and activist Maureen Duffy is Issue Nine’s ‘coelacanth’, contributing two previously unpublished poems and a profile of Duffy, written by Katie Webb. Other contributors include Iphgenia Baal, Phoebe Blatton, Anna Gritz, Len Lukowski, Paul Sammut, and Rowland Thomas.

In December 2012, The Coelacanth Press also published a book; a re-issue of Brigid Brophy’s The King of a Rainy Country (1956) with a cover design by artist Bonnie Camplin, and introduction by the Coelacanth Press editor, Phoebe Blatton.