schizm 7 cover

Schizm Magazine, Schizm, 2014, Issue no: 7

Schizm (as the title implies) uses the format of the zine as a vehicle to engage with ideas about discordancy & contradiction. Schizm magazine edits and sequences a narrative drawn directly from the rhetoric of cultural ideology by inviting contemporary artists to contribute a page/pages in response to a suggested theme which proposes a paradoxical idea, for example past themes include: ‘non-time, (shock, interruption & suspension)’, ‘time doesn’t give a shit’, & ‘access/excess’. Each issue combines editorial & archival material with contributions sent in by around fifteen contributors, except issue four which features thirty. The magazine, now in it’s seventh issue, publishes original work by contemporary artists & writers based internationally and in the UK, allowing contributors to publish ideas & ways of working not necessarily associated with their usual practices. Schizm also produces exhibitions and events associated with the publishing project, which was started in 2010 by the artist Emma Holmes.