Various Publications – Janneke Raaphorst

Janneke Raaphorst, Multi Story File Kabinet, New York, 2004

Janneke Raaphorst, Dial Z for Zebra, November, New York, 2004

Janneke Raaphorst, Hurken, 2004

Janneke Raaphorst, Pigment, Amsterdam, 2007


Janneke Raaphorst, Please Leave This Room in the State In Which You Would Like to Find It, 2008

Janneke Raaphorst, Sew It Like You Draw It, Melbourne and Amsterdam, 2008

Janneke Raaphorst, Van der Valk, 2008

Photograph: Three Letter Words. Courtesy and © the artists, writers and publishers. PABD Archive 2004-14: 001