Clod Magazine

Clod 27 cover image 1

J. Hackson, Elliot Smoke, A. Weizen, and Tim Fitzayre, Clod Magazine: Issue 27, Clod Magazine & Books, Luton, September, 2014

This issue was launched at the Freeholder pub in Luton.

Clod Magazine is an independent magazine, first established in 1987. We are not a fanzine; there’s no bands, no sycophants, no profiles. Nothing you’d hope for or expect from a fanzine.¬†Clod Magazine is, rather, a satirical publication from Luton influenced by the legacy of punk rock publications and the early days of Dada magazines. The handmade zine straddles fact and fiction and is a mess of observation, bitterness, poor satire, in-jokes, crassness and shoddiness.