Cathy Lomax (ed.), Arty: Rome, Transition Editions, London, 2014, Issue no: 34

Contributors: Rose Bradshaw, Archie Franks, Antonio Gianasi, Mason Kimber, Annika Koops, Cathy Lomax, Andrew Mania, Alli Sharma, Emma Talbot

Rome is a Stupendous, Miserable City, or so says the title of a book about film director Pasolini. It is exactly this alienation and fascination that motivates the nine international artists whose images and writings make up this Rome inspired issue of Arty.
They look at… aperitivos, surface, Pasolini, Arbeia, Caravaggio, The Satyricon, Tennessee Williams, prosthetic limbs, Bernini, statues, Antonioni, Garbatella, Balthus, fresco, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, beauty salons, Villa Medici, ex-pats, The Great Beauty…

Frustrated by opportunities for emerging artists to voice their opinions and concerns and inspired by seminal punk zine Sniffin’ Glue, artist Cathy Lomax started Arty in April 2001. It was described by fellow artist Alex Michon as ‘an antidote to the kind of dry, critic led writing about art which was becoming increasingly out of touch with the kind of work which was appearing in minuscule galleries throughout the land’
From its first issue Arty has tracked the subjects that its creator Cathy Lomax is preoccupied by. In its 30+ issues to date Arty’s eclectic content has put subjects such as fame, romance, the Deep South, white, Rome and architecture under the spotlight. Made up of the drawings, photographs and words of over 40 (mainly artist) contributors, Arty doesn’t demand that they write like academics, art critics or journalists or even that they make finished artworks but simply that they expolore subjects that they are interested in, in any way that works for them.

Arty is published by Transition Editions who have also published the compilation book, Arty Greatest Hits which features the best of the first 16 issues of Arty.